A variety of solutions to your problem

If a problem pits you against the manager of the private seniors’ residence (PSR) where you live, whether regarding your lease or the delivery of care or services, a CAAP advisor will be able to go over the different ways you can go about resolving the issue.

AGREEMENT NEGOTIATED between the parties

This is a voluntary negotiation between the senior living in a PSR and the PSR manager in order to reach an agreement. If you want, you can be accompanied by an informal or family caregiver or a local CAAP advisor.

If the negotiation fails, the owner has the option of filing a motion with Tribunal administratif du logement (you don’t). If a negotiated agreement isn’t reached and the owner decides not to file a motion with the Tribunal, your lease would be renewed under the same conditions as the previous lease (without the proposed changes).

MEDIATION by Tribunal administratif du logement

Before the motion is heard by a Tribunal commissioner, the Tribunal will offer interested parties a mediation session with a Tribunal mediator whose job it is to help the parties find a solution. For the mediation to take place, both parties must be willing to participate.

If mediation doesn’t the two parties reaching a mutually acceptable agreement, the motion goes to Tribunal administratif du logement for a hearing.

HEARING before Tribunal administratif du logement

The motion is filed, presented, and defended before a Tribunal judge, who will issue a final ruling (meaning there can be no appeal).

Depending on the nature and complexity of the case, the Tribunal could require a pre-hearing case management conference and a pre-motion conference, attended by the parties concerned, in order to prepare for the hearing and make sure it goes smoothly.

It’s important to understand that these steps won’t apply in every case and that they can vary according to the nature of the problem. The process will also depend on the willingness of the parties to come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

A CAAP advisor will be able to lay out the best options for your situation. The advisor can also provide support for each step of the process, if you want.

Remember that you are free to do what you see fit. It’s important to understand the implications and the specific nature of each option before deciding to pursue one of them.


Be sure to ask the CAAP advisor all the questions you need
to make an informed decision.

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