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Everyone who receives care or services from Health and Social Services Network personnel and institutions has rights. If you feel that your rights have not been respected, you can express your dissatisfaction by filing a complaint.

Centres d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAPs) are regional community organizations mandated by the Minister of Health to assist and guide you through the complaint process at your request.

There is one CAAP per region in Quebec, and their services are free, professional, and confidential.

CAAP advisors are happy to welcome anyone seeking assistance and will listen attentively and with empathy in order to build trust with users, 

The assistance and support offered is personalized and is intended first and foremost to meet the needs of the person who requires CAAP services.


Contact the CAAP in your region


1 877 767-2227

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Services offered


Your CAAP will inform you about their services, user rights, care and services offered by the health and social services network, and the complaint examination process. However, if your request is outside their mandate, advisors will direct you to the most appropriate resource based on your needs. 

Assistance and support

Assistance and support services exist to provide individuals, their representatives, and third parties with the help they need throughout the complaints, counselling, and reporting processes.

These processes enable you to express your dissatisfaction with the services you have received or should have received, and to uphold your rights.

CAAP professional advisors take the time to listen to you (or your representative) in order to fully understand the situation, inform you of your rights, and explain the complaint procedure. They can also help you clarify the subject of your complaint and draft it, if necessary.

Information sessions

Are you a community organization, a group of people, or a private seniors’ residence? Do you want to receive information about your rights, the complaint process, or how CAAP can help you?

Ask the CAAP in your region for an information session adapted to your needs.

The main grounds of complaint (2017-2018)

  • Accessibility 23% 23%
  • Interpersonal relations 22% 22%
  • Community organization and material resources 21% 21%
  • Financial issues 14% 14%
  • Care and services provided 6% 6%
  • Right to information 4% 4%
  • Right to receive appropriate services 2% 2%


From 2017 to 2018, CAAPs handled over 7778 requests, an increase of about 10% compared to last year.