One lease, three documents

A lease is a rental contract between an owner and a tenant that defines their respective obligations regarding a rental unit.

When you rent a room or apartment in a private seniors’ residence (PSR), there are three parts to the lease. Each part specifies different aspects that will be important for the duration of the lease.  You need to see them before signing your lease.

  • The Tribunal administratif du logement’s mandatory residential lease form.
  • Appendix 6 of the lease (services provided by the PSR), which specifies the nature, frequency, and cost for each service offered by the PSR. The tenant chooses the services they want to receive and include in their lease from that list.
  • The residence rules that you’ll need to follow while living there³.

Take the time to read these documents before signing your lease. If anything is unclear or you need more information, ask questions. It’s your legal right to do so. It’s the principle of “free and informed” consent.

³ Know that clauses in a lease or set of residence rules cannot contravene a law—your legal rights always take precedence. See the guides in the section on “The obligation to sign a lease”


Know that you are free to accept or refuse any or all of the services offered by the PSR. You can keep your hairdresser, your pharmacist, and the person who cleans for you. It’s your home  and you have the right to receive the people, care, and services you want in it.


As with any other residential lease agreement in Quebec, PSR leases fall under the jurisdiction of Tribunal administratif du logement, the body responsible for applying the legislation that governs residential rental units.

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